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Music Boxes Clinic

  • Music Boxes Repairs
  • Music Boxes Restoration
  • Cleaning and care of Music Boxes
  • Service work of all types of music boxes
We always receive inquiries from customers, who had to search for a long time in some cases until they had found a possibility to make repairs for music boxes or musical mechanism. The clinic team of the Spieluhren-Paradies restores, overhauls and repairs these patients, as far as this is feasible and the cost of the repair for our customers is in a reasonable proportion to the value of the music box. We have brought both small and very old music back to work. We know where our limits are, and work closely with manufacturers of the musical instruments for major problems.

If you have a repair need, please proceed as follows:
Please send us an e-mail and briefly describe the problem. Please inform us at the same time (if possible) the type and size. Very good is if you can attach a picture to the e-mail, this often helps us at the first assessment. If you have sent us the item to be repaired, and we have estimated the cost, we will contact you before repair and will notify the repair costs. For damage assessment / cost estimate, we charge a cost of 25.00€ (including VAT). This sum will be charged in case of repair. Our hourly rate for repairs is 58.31€ per hour (VAT included) The shipping address can be found here.