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Setting your own melodies

Basically, almost every melody can be tuned for playing. Exceptions are unconventionally composed and set works. In order to play a desired melody and convert it into a piece of music, we need a piano score or alternatively a CD with the melody. The name of the composer is desired.

On this basis the melody is tuned and the result is sent in MP3 format (usually by e-mail).
The production begins with the written consent of the trans- mitted sample.

Delivery dates for recording: 2-4 weeks. Delivery dates for the production, after release of the sample by the client: 5-10 weeks, depending on the production capacity at the manufacturer.

Costs of sounding, factory size Installation costs Minimum purchase rate

  • 18-voice musical mechanism 380.00€ Arrangement 500 pieces of musical instruments
  • 22-voice (tongues) 560.00€ Arrangement 40 pieces of musical instruments
  • 36-voice (tongues) 560.00€ Arrangement 40 pieces of musical instruments
  • 72-voice musical mechanism 1,900.00€ Arrangement for 3 melodies on request
  • 144-voice musical mechanism 2,900.00€ Arrangement for 3 melodies on request
The costs for the plays are payable on order with the order for the production with 40% of the total costs, the remaining 60% after the delivery is due.

Note: The playing devices are raw musical mechanism and are not installed in housings (music boxes etc.). If desired, the musical mechanism also be delivered built-in. The above prices are inclusive of VAT and shipping.

We would be pleased to make an offer according to your wishes. Just get in touch with us.

Music Boxes Clinic

  • Music Boxes Repairs
  • Music Boxes Restoration
  • Cleaning and care of Music Boxes
  • Service work of all types of music boxes
We always receive inquiries from customers, who had to search for a long time in some cases until they had found a possibility to make repairs for music boxes or musical mechanism. The clinic team of the Spieluhren-Paradies restores, overhauls and repairs these patients, as far as this is feasible and the cost of the repair for our customers is in a reasonable proportion to the value of the music box. We have brought both small and very old music back to work. We know where our limits are, and work closely with manufacturers of the musical instruments for major problems.

If you have a repair need, please proceed as follows:
Please send us an e-mail and briefly describe the problem. Please inform us at the same time (if possible) the type and size. Very good is if you can attach a picture to the e-mail, this often helps us at the first assessment. If you have sent us the item to be repaired, and we have estimated the cost, we will contact you before repair and will notify the repair costs. For damage assessment / cost estimate, we charge a cost of 25.00€ (including VAT). This sum will be charged in case of repair. Our hourly rate for repairs is 58.31€ per hour (VAT included) The shipping address can be found here.

Drehorgel Rental

Rent a Street Organ
With us you can rent a 20-voice street organ from a day. The street organ has 20 wood whistles, which are characterized by a particularly soft sound. This also favors the playing in closed rooms. The street organs with partial metal pipes are louder. After a brief briefing, each person can play this instrument. This movement has no paper rolls with the songs but an electron. Memory with 200 songs corresponding to approx.: 65-70 song rolls. Total game time over 10 hours! The operation is completely mechanically, the air you have to pump yourself by turning and not to confuse with street organs models, which play with tapes or CD. There are songs available for all occasions (wedding, birthday, hiking songs as all well-known Moritaten, etc.). You can play the songs one by one or pre-program the desired sequence.

The rent for 24 hours is 80.00€ with a longer rental period the rent is reduced. Just get in touch with us.

Promotional Items

We offer you a selection of promotional products (giveaways), which can be designed by us according to your specifications. These articles are popular in the business and private sectors. The transfer of an individual crank mechanism to a certain event remains surely a memorandum for the receiver!

In the picture (on the right) you see an excerpt of the music boxes designed by our customers which we have produced according to their suggestions/specifications. Whether invitations for the wedding, birthday, company anniversary or as an attention for your customers at Christmas. There are (almost) no limits to your imagination. Share your wishes with us. You can send us your templates by e-mail.

You can also order wonderful jewelry music boxes or music boxes made of acrylic with your own motifs from us.

The music boxes are equipped with 18-voice musical mechanism and can be provided with your own motifs. For initial orders, tool costs of 80.00€ (including VAT) will be incurred. The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces. For larger quantities interesting discount scales are available. You can select your desired melody from around 60 melodies. Just ask for an offer by e-mail.

Note: Please be sure to observe the copyright and usage pattern rules for all patterns shown here, either in the case of the Spieluhren-Paradies or the respective manufacturer.

Table Rotating Organ

Our offer of authentic replicas of old, classical table rotating organ from the years 1880-1910 covers approx.: 18 different models.

The table rotating organ have 10 to 24 tone levels. Under the names of Polyphonic, Ariston, Helicon, Manopan, Mignon, Phoenix, Amorette, Ariosa, and Herophon, these table rotating organ have a good degree of acquaintance among lovers of old mechanical musical instruments.

These table rotating organ are produced in a master factory in Germany with great dedication and even greater craftsmanship.

Prices range from 980.00€ to 2,300.00€ (including VAT) are determined by the number of tone levels. There is a large number of clay plates (metal plate or special cardboard, depending on the type) for every type, which leave nothing to be desired.

Have we aroused interest? Simply request detailed documents by e-mail. Please note that longer delivery times are possible because not all models can be kept in stock.

In any case, the sound will always inspire you. Mechanical (analog) generated sounds, where are they still in our digitized world?

For all articles offered on this website image and sound are copyrighted. Unlawful use without our written permission infringes the copyright and will be prosecuted.

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